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LUNA LOGO is delighted to provide quality vectorization services for past 15 years at competitive and affordable price worldwide. We are the member of ASI since 1999 & located in Gainesville,FL. Lunalogo offers far beyond a mere Vector Conversion Service. We provide 100% Manually Hand-Drawn vector files without any auto trace. Fully Editable, Scalable, and Print Ready Vector Files in the formats AI, SVG, EPS, PNG, PDF, and CDR etc.

raster to Vector Conversion

We transform various raster image formats like JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG into vector formats such as AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, and more. Additionally, we offer tailored services including vectorization customization like, cropping, color separation, spot color implementation, background change and text alterations, and more.

vector Line Drawing

We excel in the meticulous creation of manual vector line drawings from raster or image sources. Our expertise ensures versatile designs, ranging from minimalist outlines to highly detailed artwork. Additionally, we emphasize the necessity of vector black and white line art for specialized processes like engraving, etching, metal stamping, and laser cutting.

vector logo conversion

We convert any type of logos to vector format. Further, it can used for Specialty printers (printing on mugs, frisbees, koozies, etc), Screen printers, Banners and other large format printing, Signs: cut, , sandblasted, carved, Engraving, Glass etching, Metal stamping, Vehicle wraps, Decals, labels, stickers, Web use and more.

Sketch Vectorization

Transforming sketches, drawings, and tattoos into vector files enables printing on various items such as t-shirts, mugs, posters, and large signs. Even when enlarged, the image remains crisp without pixelation.

TShirt Design Vectorization

We offer vectorization services for t-shirt designs, whether from existing shirts or raster logos or designs. Additionally, we ensure accurate placement of mockups as per your provided instructions.

Silhouette Vector Conversion

We transform any photo, human face, animal, machine or any object into clean, scalable vector art that captures the outline or silhouette. This can be colored or black and white only.  This conversion offers advantages like crisp lines that won’t pixelate when enlarged, making them perfect for printing on various sizes.

Car Truck Vectorization

We are expertise in vectorizing any vehicle like car, truck, scooter,crane & snow cleaning machine etc. It can vectorize single line art or exact copy and scalable to any extent without loss of quality. 

County & Police Badge Vectorization

From the above showcased examples, it’s evident that we’ve successfully converted a multitude of items including county badges, police badges, coats of arms, national emblems or seals, fire department badges, county and state seals, and more. These conversions can be rendered in exact color replication or transformed into line art vector representations.

Building Vectorization

Our team specializes in vectorizing various architectural elements such as buildings, skylines, and churches with precision and attention to detail. The examples provided above demonstrate just a glimpse of our expertise in this area.

Embroidery image Vectorization

Transforming an embroidery logo or image into a vector file demands expertise. Our dedicated team specializes in this process, adept at converting blurred or threaded images into sharp, crisp vector art.

Why Vector or print ready Formats needed?

Vector files are needed for small to large scale screen printing, Direct-to-Garment printing, Sublimation printing, Laser Engraving, Reactive printing or for a viewable purposes such as SVG on website or large screens. Vectorized formats will be highly scalable to any size without the loss of quality or we can say pixel-free zooming.

Generally, vector files such as AI, EPS, PDF, SVG are needed for banners, billboards, vehicle wraps, signage and more. Additionally, it can be used for catalogues, product brochures, print and digital media, website logos, ensuring highest image quality for every purpose.

Vectorized files find extensive use in various purposes and industries such as all kinds of product labeling, packaging, garments, plastics, Promotional, Embroidery, Digitizers, Printing houses, Publishers, Advertising agencies, Website designing, Online promotions, Apparels, Customize gift, Events, Photographers, Image studios, Graphic agencies many more.

Luna Logo permanent graphic designers check each raster file and hand drawn using a software and convert them in required vector formats. This process of vector conversion demands meticulous attention to detail, involving intricate line work, curves, rectangles, borders, and various shapes. They invest significant time, care, skill, and expertise to ensure the creation of top-notch print ready and scalable vector file. We provide final vector files which can be further editable.

We deliver most of our orders in less than 24 hours. However, it’s possible for complex artwork to take more time and for that we’ll inform you by email. We do not charge for RUSH or any related modifications.

Discover the impact we'll make for your business as a Vector Graphics Company.

We see customer satisfaction as our greatest asset. We genuinely prioritize our clients’ needs, delivering quality work on time and at competitive rates. With our swift delivery system and round-the-clock client support team, we’re always here to provide fast solutions. 


Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Swift & Secure Payment 
  • Highly Experienced Team
  • Shift Wise Operations
  • Personalized Service
  • Assured 100% Quality
  • Rapid Delivery 
  • No Rush Charges 
  • No Hidden Charges 
  • No Additional cost for any file formats 
  • Punctuality Assure
  • Guarantee of Satisfaction

what are our customers say about us

Andy Gmail
Andy Gmail
I have used Luna Logo for many years. They help tidy up, or vectorize logos from fuzzy, lo-res images supplied by my clients, to crisp vector (.ai and .eps) files. Really quick turnaround and very fair on pricing.
Jim Barto
Jim Barto
I have been using Luna Logo for many many years for all my Vector logo work. They have never let me down. Excellent quality... speedy turnaround... price conscious... professional... and goes beyond what is required! Thank you Luna Logo!!!
Tim Wilcox
Tim Wilcox
Luna Logo always does very good work, very quickly and even if we need a logo edited or changed in some way, they are very responsive and professionally meet our needs!
Sensational Touch
Sensational Touch
I've been working with Luna Logo for over 7 years. Since designing a logo for my health and wellness business, they have become my primary resource for designing flyers, logos and labels. Anytime I have a question or concern, they respond in an expedient and professional manner. The turnaround-time for projects is quick and precise. I look forward to continuing my business relationship with such a great company.
Jenni Bick
Jenni Bick
Luna logo has saved me so many hours of work doing vector conversions from ridiculous original files. I love these guys! They are fast, detailed, and a great value. I keep coming back. I recommend 100%
Ellen Hunter
Ellen Hunter
Luna Logo is absolutely the best in converting really bad artwork into vector files! They are a quick, cost-effective way to get the high resolution artwork you need for your projects. I highly recommend them!
Jeff Cook
Jeff Cook
I would recommend Luna logo to anybody looking to have artwork vectorized. I had a customer that saw somebody that on the truck like his and had a graphic that he wanted. He took a picture of that graphic send it to me. And I sent it to Luna logo and within a one day turn around I had my vectorized graphic. And was able to give the customer a quality graphic that he wanted for his truck. And when they send you a vector ice graphic if there's any issues you let them know and they take care of it until it's the way you need it. Luna logo saves me the time of trying to vectorize it myself and everybody knows time is money and they can do the vectorizing more efficiently than I can I think it's well worth sending it to them .
Patty Lore
Patty Lore
Have been using for years now. Amazed at the great turn around time. Would highly recommend, will continue to be a grateful customer.

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How we work? 

  • Upon receiving your quote request, we will furnish you with a highly competitive estimate. The pricing is tailored based on the complexity of the artwork and the estimated time required to complete the work.
  • You can pay the Quote cum invoice by clicking on the provided link. 
  • After receiving the payment, our vector design experts begin working on your artwork according to the information provided.
  • We send you the vectorized files.
  • If you require changes, we will make them at no additional cost.

What you will get from us. 

  • EPS File  
  • AI File 
  • PDF File
  • PNG Transparent File 
  • Any other format that you have requested .

Your Benefits

  • Received vectorized files on time
  • 100% Manual Trace
  • Free edits without any additional cost 
  • TRUE vector file
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Guidance how to save money on vectorization

Need a low-resolution image vectorized?

You’ve come to the right place! Not only can we vectorize your image, but we can also advise you on cost-effective methods for your specific needs, whether it’s improving the quality of a highly pixelated image or making changes like adjusting colors, backgrounds, or merging multiple images into one. We provide customized vectorization according to your instructions and deliver a variety of print-ready files tailored to different purposes, such as embroidery, laser cutting, engraving, and more.

Our process involves manual recreation and redraw of your image; we do not rely on auto-tracing software for conversions. By choosing our services, you’ll save both time and money. Plus, we guarantee your satisfaction, or you get your money back. So, just simply upload your files and get suggestions/quote now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Turnaround time is generally 24 hours or less. Complex designs may take longer. Please specify if you have a deadline and we will let you know if it can be met. 

General Operational days:  Monday to Friday 

Saturday & Sunday available upon request – no extra charge.

Most vector conversions cost between $15 – $30. To get the lowest cost and best results, please read the next paragraph.

If you possess multiple file formats of the same image, like a JPG and a BMP, please forward the higher quality file for vectorization. Select the one that appears largest and clearest on your screen. While we excel at creating clean vector files from any source, higher resolution or larger images typically reveal more detail, and respectively attract less price. The greater the detail in the original, the more detailed your vector file will be.

Every printer, sign maker, embroiderer, engraver, and other service provider has distinct requirements, preferred file formats, and artwork guidelines tailored to their specific processes or output devices. If you’re preparing a vector file for a service provider, it’s essential to ascertain their specific requirements, preferred file format( e.g., AI,EPS,SVG file). This ensures that your file is prepared and saved precisely to their specifications. However, we are initially sending all AI, EPS,PDF vectored files to you. In case your provider needs any other formats, just let us know. 

Send us your file via email ( or submit the inquiry form on the website. We’ll promptly respond with the precise pricing details. To ensure accurate preparation of the vector file, please specify its intended use, such as screen-printed shirts, signs, engraving, etc.

When requesting a quote for vectorization, please include the following details as much as possible:

  1. Provide the highest resolution or best quality file available.
  2. Specify if you require an exact copy with gradients, conversion to spot colors, or black and white line art.
  3. Indicate the purpose of the vectorization, such as for signage, engraving, decals, screen printing, etc.
  4. Mention any desired customizations, including color adjustments, background changes, additions, or deletions from the original image.

These details enable us to efficiently produce the file, saving time and ultimately reducing costs.

We gladly accept JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF images, or any format visible on your monitor. Whether it’s a screenshot, sketch, tattoo, hand-drawn image, or any other artwork, we can vectorize it according to your preferences.

Upon receiving payment, our experienced team meticulously reviews all provided information and initiates manual drawing or tracing to produce the highest quality vector file. Subsequently, the file undergoes thorough quality checks before being sent to you. Should any relevant changes be required from your end, we undertake them free of charge until your satisfaction is achieved. However, if we are unable to meet your expectations, we offer a refund in accordance with our policy.

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